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The Overlook Artisan Co.

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About Us

Affectionately named after our Minden Hills property, The Overlook Artisan Co. offers a variety of custom & handmade crafts, décor and more. Many of the products are locally and sustainably sourced.

We pride ourselves in taking our time, making sure every cut and brush stroke are just right, to ensure that we create the most exquisite pieces.

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Wood Products

Many options of in-stock wood products can be purchased right from our shop website. You will find any of our ready-made projects here that we have been working on in our spare time & are now available for sale.

Clothing & 

Pet Things

We love our pets, so it's only fitting that we have a section for pet things. On our shop website, you will find many of our best sellers that are ready for purchase, such as clothing with pets/pet sayings on them. 

Coming Soon: 

Beautifully made raised dog bowls & other pet accessories.


& Wax Melts

All candle products are made with beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils. All candles come in 4 OZ tins or 8 OZ jars.

Classic scents are available all year around, while our seasonal scents come and go. Bulk orders can be made, Please contact us for more information on our bulk order availability & pricing.

Spa Products by

Stay Calm Bath Bomb

A variety of spa products can be found here. Choose from our specially selected items such as:  Bath bombs, shower streamers, soaking salts, spa boards, hand lotion bars, lip balms and more!

Classic scents such as lavender, vanilla and peppermint are always in stock, while our seasonal scents vary with the time of year.

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Made just for YOU

Many of our wood products can be customized. Click on the category you are interested in below to fill out a custom order form for one of the products that we specialize in. Our team will get back to you within 24-48 hours to discuss your custom order.

Charcuterie boards come in maple or black walnut wood. Decide what kind of materials you would like. Selections include: wood only; resin only; or a combination of wood and resin. You can also view our in stock items that are ready for purchase.

CUSTOM: Custom creations can be requested, and most of our wood products can be personalized with custom engraving.

Woodcrafts are hand painted and can be ordered in a variety of colours. Fill out our custom order form and make your selections for the style, size, & colours, or choose from one of our ready to purchase items from our shop website.

Are you interested in DIY? All cuts can be ordered blank and un assembled. Bulk orders are available for laser-cut woodcrafts. Perfect for group projects, crafting with kids, or immersing yourself into a relaxing, peaceful craft project. 

DIY workshops coming soon! Follow us on Facebook for updates on our workshops.

Made in a variety of sizes and wood species. All coat racks feature our hand-forged railway spike hooks. We may have some available for purchase directly from our shop site.

Custom order your perfect piece and let us know the approximate size that you are looking for, number of hooks needed, and our team will get back to you in 24-48 hours to confirm your request, arrange payment, and start on your customized home décor today.

At this time, farmhouse signs are custom ordered only, as every one of our signs is specially crafted for each individual. Select our blank sign, include in the notes how you would like to personalize your engraving, and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss how we can make your creations come true!

Enjoy your at home spa getaway. These spa boards are perfect for holding your drink of choice and even has a spot for your iPad, so you can relax and watch your movie or show in peace. Customizable in size and features, fill out our custom order form. Or you can see our ready made stock HERE for items that can be purchased now.

Different styles and variations to choose from, we are sure that we can find the perfect item for YOU!

Fill out our contact form and tell us what you are looking for, so that our team can work hard to design a custom order just for you!

Custom vinyl decals for cars, walls, projects and more! Send us a message today! 

Available in a variety of colours and sizes. Custom cuts can be made up to 12 inches x 12 feet long

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Visit The Overlook Artisan Co. on Social Media:

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Contact Us

Contact Us Here:


Email Address*


The Overlook Artisan Co.

90 Milburn Rd, Unit 6

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Phone:   905 541 5389

**Show room is currently only available by appointment**

Please email or call to book your appointment ahead of time

Custom and bulk orders available on many of our products!

Contact us for more information.

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