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Clothing & Pet Things


Different styles and variations to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect shirt for YOU! Contact us below and tell us what you're after and our team will work hard to design a custom order just for you!

Maybe you're looking for a shirt with a funny saying, or maybe you want to purchase one as a gift for someone. Maybe you love a specific quote, or movie/TV show you want to sport around, we can make that happen. While we love making animal printed items, that is not all we can do!

We love to custom create company shirts for events staff, or for work staff with complete with company logos. There is not much that we cannot do! Bulk & Custom orders can be discussed with us, but do understand that we require adequate notice to complete large orders.

Pet Things

We absolutely love our dogs, so obviously we love to make things that represent them. Here are just a few of our most popular items:

Dog Signs & Hooks:

Let us know how many dogs you have, their breeds, and what you would like the dog colours as. See photos for ideas and suggestions.


One(1) Dog & Hook $45

Two(2) Dogs & Hooks $55

Three(3) Dogs & Hooks $65

More pet things coming soon!

More Clothing and Pet things will be coming soon.

But if you have something different in mind than what you have seen us offer, don't hesitate to fill out our Custom Order Form below and tell us what you are looking for.

Customize Your 

Clothing & Pet Things Here!

Please use the textbox in the form below to order your custom piece. Please provide us with as much detail about what you are looking for as possible, and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss your custom order with you.


You will be contacted within 24-48 hours by our team with any questions we may have for you, and to receive your confirmation & payment. 

Our turn-around timeframe could be anywhere between 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on how intricate your custom project request is. 

Please be patient with us, as amazing things can take time to complete.


All payments will be discussed and must be made in full prior to our staff starting on your custom project. 

Delays in payment will inflict delays on your finished products.

Accepted payments are Debit/Credit, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. 

HST will be added on all sold products.


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