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Sp​a Boards​

A beautifully crafted spa board is an item many people don't know or think about, but once you try it during your next tub soak, you will wonder how you ever bathed & relaxed without it.


From the smooth cuts in the wood, to the design and functionality; these spa boards have been changing the way many of our customers enjoy and unwind from their busy days.

If we have any in stock & ready for immediate purchase, 

you will find them HERE:


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Customize Your 

Spa Board Here!

Please answer these questions in the form below to order your custom piece:

1. TYPE OF WOOD: Please let us know if you would like Maple wood or Black Walnut wood.

2. WOOD FINISH COLOUR: Please let us know which stain colour (if any) you would like your spa board to be.

3. SIZE: Choose from our selected standard sizes available. 

4. ENGRAVING: Include what engraving you would , if any.

5. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Please include anything additional that you would like. See below for the options that are available to customize your spa board with.

Items that can be customized include BY REQUEST ONLY & with additional cost associated:

- Built in tray

- Towel hanger *Only available for boards sizes 34" & up.


You will be contacted within 24-48 hours by our team with any questions we may have for you, and to receive your confirmation & payment. 

Our turn-around timeframe could be anywhere between 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on how intricate your custom project request is.

Please be patient with us, as amazing things can take time to complete.


All payments will be discussed and must be made in full prior to our staff starting on your custom project. 

Delays in payment will inflict delays on your finished products.

Accepted payments are Debit/Credit, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. 

HST will be added on all sold products.

Your Name*

Email Address*

Type of Wood*

Wood Finish Colour*


Engraving (Optional)

SPA BOARD CUSTOM ORDER: Additional Comments (Optional)

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